1. General information about the program.

The application is in addition to the functionality of the site.                         

The application is designed to receive accurate and timely notifications at the moment when the price reaches a predetermined level.                         

Analyzed markets: MICEX, FORTS, FOREX.                         

Features of the application:                         
1. High accuracy in determining the breakdown of the price, even if it was a second breakdown and the price returned to the previous level.                         
2. Calculations occur on a separate server. And even if the phone temporarily did not have an Internet connection, you will receive a notification when the connection with the server is restored.                         

In the near future:                         
Enable the option, redirect the notification in the form of SMS, if there is no Internet connection for a long time and the message cannot be delivered by the application.

2. Getting started, setting target levels.

Notifications are delivered in the form of PUSH, the voice module will report the name, the current price of the instrument and the text of the comment you added.
The main section displays all incoming notifications.                         
You can copy the current message to the archive, delete the selected message or delete all messages.                         
Archive is designed to save particularly important messages in a separate storage for easy access.                         

The section "Target Levels" - the levels that you have configured. This section is intended for setting and editing target levels.


3. Target level editing mode.

A long press on the row of the list of "Target Levels" will bring up a context menu in which you will be offered to switch to the new, duplicate, modify or delete selected mode.                     

Edit mode, create or change level.                     
The first field is the tool for which the level will be set.                     

The second field is price , when reached, the alert will be delivered.                     

The third field is pause in minutes. The default pause is 0 minutes. If the value is set to 0 minutes, then the signal will trigger once upon reaching this level.                     
Specify a pause in minutes (at least 5 minutes) if you need to re-set the target after triggering.                     After the signal is executed, the level will be set automatically after the specified time.                     

The fourth field is a life signal life in days.                     
After the deadline in days has expired, the signal will be deleted, even if it has not been reached (the default is 30 days).                     

Fifth field - comment . In this field, enter the message that will be delivered to you upon reaching this level in order to remind you of the purpose for which this level was set.

4. Terms of use of paid content. Subscription and subscription renewal.

The first 15 days, after installing the application, the full functionality is available without any restrictions.                     
After the trial period expires, the application will switch to limited Demo mode.                     
To maintain the full functionality of the system, you must subscribe. Subscription is made for periods of up to 30 days.                     


Subscription Types Notification Limit Monthly Price
Demo 5 per day free
Light 10 per day 20 rubles.
Premium without limit 60 rub.
In Demo and Light mode, the full functionality of the application is preserved, with the exception of sound and vibro notifications. Notifications will be delivered only to a limited number of messages, all other notifications will be delivered in silent mode.                     

Renewal and payment of subscriptions.                     
To get paid content on Premium or Light terms, you need to install the required "Type of subscription" in the "My Account" settings in the "Renew Subscription" section of the application (Demo is set by default). If a Light or Premium subscription is established, then at the end of the current (paid) subscription period, the user’s balance will automatically be deducted for a 30-day extension, depending on the type of subscription chosen. If a Demo subscription is installed, the application will switch to Demo mode and the balance will remain unchanged.                     
For automatic debiting, the user’s account must have an amount in excess of the subscription price. Otherwise, the subscription will not be renewed until recharge.                     
You can replenish your account through the site - go to the "My Account".                     
To replenish the balance, registration is required on the site.


5. Account and connection to the program site.

The program is fully synchronized with the site.                         
By default, the program can work both in stand-alone and in combined mode without additional settings. Those. Operations available in the application can be made on the program website.                         
When you first start the program, the program contacts the server and creates a new user by default. You can continue to use this account or create your own account in the "Personal Account" using the "Change User" option.                         

If you are already a user of the site, then through the "Change User" operation, enter your account details.


6. Step by step how to connect a paid version of the application and disable advertising.

You can make a paid subscription to our app through Goople Play. Subscription price for "Premium" - 80 rub. for "Light" - 30 rubles. monthly.                         
Subscribe, as well as learn more about the differences in these subscriptions, you can go to the "Subscription" menu inside the application.                         

You can also register on the site and replenish the account through the Webmoney payment system, Yandex.Money, or a Visa or MasterCard card.                         

If you pass registration on the site, inside the application for Android you need to go to the "Change User" menu in the "Settings", in the "My Account" and enter the login and password of the site user that you specified during registration. As a result, the application will be authorized under your login.                         
Next you need to select the Premium or Light subscription that is convenient for you in the "Renew subscription" section.                         
If there is a sufficient amount in the account, the required amount will be deducted from the account and the subscription will be activated.                         
30 days after subscription activation, the system will re-write the subscription amount from your account. If the funds are not enough, the application will switch to "Demo" mode. When the necessary amount appears on the account, the application will automatically write down the cost of a monthly subscription and extend the subscription for 30 days.                         
If you decide that you want to suspend the debiting of funds for a subscription, then go to the “Settings” menu - “Personal account” - “Renew subscriptions” and select the subscription type “Demo”.